We want you to use STARiGLOCAL services with full confidence and thus it is our commitment to protect your private information. This Privacy Policy covers STARiGLOCAL treatment for any identifiable information that we collect from you.

Use of your information

We ask for your identification for the safety of our guests and staff. The purpose is to understand that to whom we are booking from our end. For statistical purposes, the nationality, date of birth and gender is asked. When you visit our website, we may automatically log your IP address. Your email addresses and contact details are required to send you confirmation emails at the time for reservations. Exceptions may occur in case of contacting previous guest in case of any post or lost property.

Reservation data

In order to do a reservation, we may require certain information like: Name, Gender, Nationality, Residential Address, Identification data (like passport, driving license), Date of arrival and departure Contact Number and E-mail id.

Adhere to this policy

STARiGLOCAL take this policy and principles herein very seriously. We abide to this policy and take all possible measures to keep your personal information secure. Use of our services and products are subject to understand and agree to STARiGLOCAL policies. We reserve the right of making any change or modification in this policy.

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